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1816 Springfield Musket
Brown-Bess Musket
Brown Bess Carbine




Pedersoli "1816" Springfield Musket .69 Cal.(17.5mm)

The U.S. 1816 musket was originally produced in the arsenals of Harpers Ferry and Springfield between 1816 and 1844, taking the design from the famous 1777 French muskets.  It was first produced in large quantities, in the flintlock version and later converted to percussion, to be used during the Civil War. The .69 cal. Barrel is made of polished steel and fastened to the stock by two bands.  All metal parts are of polished steel.  The American walnut stock is oil finished and shows the government "J.P." proof marks.

Springfield Flintlock  .69 Cal.(17.5mm)



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Pedersoli Brown-Bess Musket .75 Cal.

Brown Bess was the only weapon used by the English troops during the colonization of Indian and American territories and Australia.  Also used by Wellington’s troops during the war in the Iberian Peninsula and at Waterloo.  It was the great rival of the Americans during the 1812 war, and was then sold to the Mexican troops during the 1846 and 1847 campaigns.  The smooth bored barrel is of polished steel and the European Walnut stock is oil finished.

Brown-Bess Musket Flintlock  .75 Cal.



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Pedersoli Brown-Bess Carbine .75 Cal.

Brown Bess carbine version, with European walnut stock and polished steel barrel

Brown-Bess Carbine Flintlock  .75 Cal.



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